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On top of that, you can have various extensions, so that your clients can also reach out to you basis that. The best part of the service is that you get to do that completely remotely. The Grasshopper review system will take care of the calls, and make sure you can attend them on your smartphone. So this is basically, how this setup works. So these were, in general, some of the features of the Grasshopper Virtual Phone management system review and guide.

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So let us move onto the next part of this review post. So after we have had a look at all the features and the things it has to offer. So let us try to understand, that how can Grasshopper benefit your business, and whether or not you should really buy it or not? Well if you own a small business, and have a lot of customers and clients calling you on a regular basis.

May it be for orders, or any other support they are seeking for you. You should definitely give Grasshopper Virtual Phone System a try. As it will be keeping the things organized for the better. It will help you save more and more time, and let you focus on growing your business rather getting caught up with things which are bound to bring your productivity down.

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For instance, the phone system will ensure that the Sales Department only get sales related calls, while some other support departments get only calls which concern their respective department. As it will only waste resources and time if things are not organized.

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So with the Grasshopper Review Virtual Phone System, you will be able to run your business in a more professional manner and also efficiently. Below are the pricing packages from Grasshopper. Obviously, they target different level of businesses, so you should really look out for the features you will need. In this section, let us have a look at what people who already have been using the services from Grasshopper have to say.

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In addition to local numbers, there are also vanity numbers available. Providing customers with local, vanity or toll free numbers for their convenience gives the initial impression of a larger company. With a Grasshopper virtual phone system, you can work from anywhere. Incoming calls are redirected to your mobile phone; missed calls via voice-mails are delivered to your inbox as an MP3 or in text format; furthermore faxes are forwarded to your e-mail client as PDF attachments.

These tools allow you to screen incoming calls however, Grasshopper also supports seamless and transparent call transfer which enables calls to be transferred to another employee. Local, Toll free or even vanity numbers portrays the company in a better light.

No long term contracts. Grasshopper is primarily an incoming answering service it does not supply a dial tone so outgoing calls or faxes must be made through another telephony supplier. Grasshopper themselves admit to this via their frequently asked questions:. This is of course a problem unless Grasshopper is being used solely as a solution for the smallest of companies — where small means a few employees, rather that financial turnover. The reason for this is that employees will be required to use their own phones, which is not ideal. This is because at the end of each month employees will expect reimbursed for outgoing calls, which will create work for the accountancy function — how do you determine what are personal and business calls, without causing unnecessary friction?

To that end, Grasshopper delivers an excellent service with all the features that an SMB requires especially if their employees are remote working. Grasshopper answers incoming business calls on a local or toll free number and redirects the call to an assigned telephone number, whether mobile or landline. Grasshopper offers four price plans that will match the requirements of most customers. It is the top choice of entrepreneurs for more professionalism and connectivity. You just need to pick a local number for your business and record your custom main greeting.

After that add departments and employees and then get emails, calls, and faxes everywhere. Grasshopper works with your existing office or home phone or mobile.

With Grasshopper, you will know who is calling you before you attend the call. All the voicemails and faxes will be delivered via emails and you just need to open PDF or MP3 to check emails. You can even read your voicemails, record your greetings by using Grasshopper Voice studio. Send professional texts through Business SMS feature. You can easily connect to your clients in the most professional way by opting for Grasshopper calling plans.

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