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Methods or arrangements for acquiring or recognising human faces, facial parts, facial sketches, facial expressions. Fault detection in circuits or arrangements for control supervision between transmitter and receiver or between image input and image output device. Control or modification of tonal gradation or extreme levels, e. Typically with apparatus of the kind classified in other H04 subclasses or other H04N main groups.

Lg hdr calibration

Typically with apparatus of the kind classified in other H04N main groups. Typically with apparatus of the kind classified in G06K or G11B. Means for collecting light from a line or an area of the original and for guiding it to only one or a relatively low number of picture element detectors. Where possible both the main and sub scanning arrangements should be classified, using a class for the invention and an Indexing Code for subsidiary information. Manual scanning and scanning using two-dimensional arrays are exceptions to this rule.

Scanning different formats; Scanning with different densities of dots per unit length, e. Detection, control or error compensation of scanning velocity or opposition in photographic character printers involving the fast moving of an optical beam in the main scan direction. Photographic character printers simultaneously exposing more than one point on more than one main scanning line. Photographic character printers simultaneously exposing more than one point on one main scanning line. Storage resulting in a transient record, for control or supervision between image input and image output device.

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Arrangements providing the output copy of a document in a system performing the scanning, transmission and reproduction of documents or the like, e. Television systems for the transmission of television signals using pulse code modulation, using bandwidth reduction involving the insertion of extra data. Transmission of digital television signals using bandwidth reduction and involving the insertion of extra data.

Simultaneous speech and other data transmission over the same conductors in telephonic communication systems. Negotiation of communication capabilities for communication control in transmission of digital information. Removing parts of the image e. Composing e. Reading of books and correction for geometric distortions due to curved book page original. Geometric modifications caused through warping of image. User defines the corner coordinates to extract image for repositioning.

Cutting out, cropping, number of points is important.

CPC Definition - Subclass H04N

Low resolution pre-scan and high-resolution main scan of part of platen. Reducing for medium, zoom, belief map. Combining two images which have been scanned by a scanner which does not cover the entire image. Panoramic image creation, combination, stitching. Process is done digitally and not mechanically. Rotating the image by any amount, e. Also when printing double sided or 4 images on 1 page. Limited to detecting and correcting skew, i.

Digitally enlarging or reducing images with a change of resolution including e. Converting from RGB via thresholding to grayscale. Writing: multiple print elements, essentially LED or thermal printheads, but also using several lasers in parallel. Control of light during reading of a document; circuits for driving diodes, analogue switches for light control. Also exposure time of sensor etc.

Image segmentation, finds regions in bitmap image e. Change resolution while physical size is irrelevant, e. With modification of image resolution, i. Provides more than just level 0 and level for image, e. Very few applications.


Local modifications, e. Limited to image readers, mostly line sensors.

Shading correction, illumination profile, head calibration, positionally varying noise etc. Also defects in the image sensors. Compensation of ambient illumination. Examples are EP, EP Dispersed dots, i. Examples are US - e. Gaussian filter, blue noise; US - FM rasters.

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Halftone dots grow from a central point and spread in all directions. Also dispersed clusters. Illustrative examples are US, EP Growth of halftone dot in one direction only, includes Pulse Width Modulation. Illustrative examples are EP, US Different dot sizes, each dot has the same density. Illustrative examples are EP fig. Selection of particular gamma correction table, correction depending on media scanned or printed on, film type correction, correction of tone scale for dot gain. Analysis of image content to determine final correction to be applied, e. Very limited test patterns containing only black offset correction and white gain correction , e.

Standard pattern on monitor no light for black reference and light on for white reference. Fairly self-explanatory. Has also first edge detection and then correction.

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  • Edge emphasis, sharpness correction, unsharp masking, smoothing. Removal of streaks, dust, blemishes, tears, scratches, hairs. Removing scratches from photographs using infrared image. This head group has using different coding techniques within the same document, combination of different techniques, or choosing from different available coding methods e.

    Lossless coding, has a variety of coding methods, e. Templates, encodes the data change only; encode difference of image when template is known, e. Baseband signal showing more than two values or a continuously varying baseband signal is transmitted or recorded. Systems or arrangements allowing the picture to be reproduced without loss or modification of picture-information using predictive or differential encoding.

    Verifying the identity or authority of a user of a system for the transmission of digital information.

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    Very general group. Very straightforward, conversion into color documents, e. Generating false color representations. The use of different lights to read the image, e. Using separate R, G and B sensor elements, typically line sensors. Has also documents on correcting chromatic aberrations of 3-line CCD sensor, also RGB sensor with additional monochrome sensor. Splitting light using prisms, half dichroic mirrors, diffraction grating - most applications deal with line sensors.

    Picture-by-picture printing, i. Focus on image signal circuits, e. Facet or face-to-face errors.


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    This is the typical way color laser printers work, when one latent image is generated after the other and one after the other developped and transferred. Colour halftoning, colour multi-toning e. Printing with additional colours, e. General color image processing, color to 2-color converstion e. Self-explanatory regarding noise and edge. A substantial part of this subgroup deals with trapping spreading and choking image objects , either on bitmap or on page description language PDL level.

    Conversion of colour picture signals to a plurality of signals some of which represent particular mixed colours. Color corrections involving representation of the image on monitor, e. Fairly self-explanatory, typically the user selects one of the several similated, corrected images. Usually transformations from RGB to CMY, but also used generally for transformations to output device values, as far as the focus is on the transformation. Here matrix equations are used. Look-up tables for color conversion, typically to CMY.

    Also interpolation methods to calculate the in-between values not stored in the tables, e.