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Zhongce Rubber Group Co. It currently has 9 production plants in China and 1 in Thailand. It continuously collaborates with industry experts globally to develop and introduce more premium products into the market. It pledged to take responsibility to protect the environment and conscientiously invests in initiatives in driving environmental protection awareness.

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Tire Lineup in the United States

Division Profile. Manufacturing Bases. Passenger tires are some of the most common tires on the road. That's because they're the perfect option for commuters who are putting a lot of miles in each week.


Offering low road-noise, a comfortable ride and versatility without sacrificing performance, these tires are great for compact cars, sedans, minivans, SUVs and crossovers. Light truck tires are evolving just as fast as the trucks themselves - maybe even faster. Now they're more comfortable than ever and give you car-like handling without sacrificing the aggression, durability and integrity needed to withstand heavy loads Ligh truck tires are indicated with the symbol "LT" in front of their tire sizes.

Downtime costs money if you're running delivery vans, trucks or wheelers, that's why commercial tires are made to withstand heavy loads and can provide years of dependable use. If you need a reliable tire that can keep your services on-time and on track, commercial tires may be the answer. Farm tires are designed specifically to provide traction and control in varied soil conditions while maintaining minimal soil compaction.

If you're looking for excellent traction and cut-and-tear resistance, we have the farm tire to fit your needs. Choose from a large selection of popular farm tire brands including Power King and Firestone.

Industrial tires are designed to provide safety and to facilitate productivity as is essential on industrial work sites. With ultra-reliable construction and the ability to take knocks and bumps, this is a tire that will keep your production moving. These tires are ready for a hard day's work everyday. Few tires can provide the extraordinary performance that the OTR tire can.

This tire is used for earthmovers, skidders, loaders and has many more industry applications. OTR tires have tough tread compounds and are designed to be puncture and tear-resistant - making it the perfect tire for heavy-duty conditions. An ideal choice for professional landscapers and homeowners, lawn and garden tires come with an extra-strong nylon body to increase resistance to tears and punctures while distributing the vehicle's weight in such a way that it can reduce the impact on your turf.

If you have a lot of yard work to do, and don't want to leave the evidence in your tracks - lawn and garden tires are the answer.


Who makes Westlake Tires and are they any good?

Motorcycle tires can vary depending on the type of riding you plan on doing and the model of your motorcycle or scooter. We carry a large selection of motorcycle tire brands including Kenda, Michelin and Mickey Thompson, so if you need tires you can trust on two wheels, you're in the right place. If you need a tire that gives you safe handling and traction but doesn't ruin your finely-manicured turf - you're probably looking for golf tires.

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These low-pressure tires combine with their feather flotation design to leave minimal trace behind them. Golf tires provide a safe ride while inflicting minimal damage to the surfaces they come in contact with. These tires are intended for trailer axles only, and can withstand long miles of in-line hauling.

They're not meant for steering or drive axle applications, and their design offers years of reliable service in trailer applications. Choose from favorites like Gladiator, Carlisle and Goodyear trailer tires. Looking for a hard-to-find whitewall or antique tire for your classic car or truck? You're in the right place. We carry dozens of antique tires that are no longer in production and difficult to find at most tire stores. From Coker to Universal we've got the largest selection of antique and vintage tires.

The "donut" or temp spare tire became popular in the 90s as a temporary replacement for blown or damaged tires.

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Made for light travel and, ideally, short distances, the temp spare can get you out of a tough spot and back on track to safety if you have trouble on the road. It's a great idea to always keep at least one spare tire handy. Instead, Westlake tires are marketed as affordable replacements for your original equipment. Established in and with over 60 years of tire manufacturing experience, ZC Rubber, including these new Westlake tires, are definitely not a fly-by-night tire company and are here to stay.

ZC Rubber in and of itself is a huge company. Although Zhongce Rubber Group co. Their tire lineup is simple with tires for cars and trucks. Westlake tires seem to be extremely quiet throughout its entire lineup. It is of my opinion that, since ZC Rubber has been in the business making tires for industrial use, long before making passenger car tires, ZC Rubber excels when it comes to light truck and truck tires.

Utilizing an all-season touring tread design with four circumferential grooves fused with a multitude of lateral siping for optimized wet traction, steering response, and handling. The symmetric tread design also allows for tire rotations which supports prolonged tread wear.

Here are a handful of reviews on the RP18 via Mavistire. They are quiet much more so than what I had on there before.

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They were good all last winter—had no trouble at all. All four tires are Westlake. So I wanted some good rubber for safety. I made that trip daily for a month and was very happy with the performance.