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Looking for the nearest PetSmart store to your current location? Chances are there is a PetSmart near you, as they work hard to become a part of as many neighborhood communities as possible! Right now we haven't seen any specific military discounts being offered. However, we have found that many times when you ask in your local store, they sometimes do offer special discounts for the military and their family.

Make sure you ask in your store before you checkout and have your military ID handy. A great way to save at PetSmart is to sign up and become a PetPerks member! You get a treat on your pet's birthday and customized email alerts on your favorite products! Make sure you sign up either online or the next time you're in the store! PetSmart is for dogs, cats, fish, birds, reptiles, and small pets.

Our pets are members of our family. And be on your feet all day. This job is very hard on your body. PetSmart is pretty easy we all kinda work as team. Management can b difficult to talk to about days off but its a small store with minimal workers so its to b expected. Overall good. Pros outweigh the cons.

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Good benefits. Management inconsistent.

Customers are generally loony. Too much drama in the salon. Too many rules back there as well.

It killed our ability to do our jobs correctly and efficiently. Just another job.

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  6. Dog owners share heartbreaking tales after alleged PetSmart grooming deaths.

The more I stayed the more I realized that as a corporation all they pushed for was over working their employees and, expecting to much of them with no options for overtime and no time for lunches. They'll hire just about anyone to fill a position but never fire anyone for not doing their job. PS doesn't train you on any animal care they just hand you a paper of how to care or the animals at home and expect you to learn the rest on your own.

I started off as a bather in the grooming salon in May of and after about six months I had graduated from their grooming academy training program, and began working full-time. We were encouraged to upsell products, which was easy and to build a consistent clientele by calling customers for reminders and handing out our cards.

I worked in Tomball, so we really had to hustle on that front as business was a bit slower due to large number of mobile grooming businesses and other independently owned boarding places and vet offices in the area. I appreciated the opportunity to learn a new skill and the supportive company culture.

Dog owners share heartbreaking tales after alleged PetSmart grooming deaths

Physically demanding, weekends and weekdays are a must to fulfill hour requirement, difficult to request off on short notice. I loved working as a groomer until the management changed. Favoritism seems to be a big part of the store. If you are well liked you can get away with anything.

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Going above and beyond gets you nowhere. Grooming coupons are taken out of your pay. The salon environment is extremely stressful to not only the groomers but the animals as well. If you can ignore all the negatives about the job, pay is decent and benifits are good. Easy Advancement but not great managers. Not really sure what else to say here, I loved this job but the management was an issue along with those I worked with. I was let go 2 days after I was injured and my bills weren't covered and actually still aren't 3 years later.

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Depending on your store and location I would look into the store in depth before working there. Poor management. Have to send half our dogs home because now if there is even a slight chance a dog may get nicked due to matting or behavior the groomers are vilified. Lunches are treated like chores to get out of the way if it is at all inconvenient for management.

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  • Company offers discounts that hit groomers commision. Really good and really bad experience. Most benefits as a groomer here are great I recommend giving it a go, even if you have zero grooming experience they WILL train you after a certain amount of time has passed. What was supposed to be a minute session lasted nearly an hour, and the 7-year-old dog emerged in a shopping cart, no longer able to walk on his own. Five minutes into their drive home, Capone stopped breathing. By the time Pomilio got back to the store for help, Capone was already gone.

    The death of another dog, Scruffles, garnered much media coverage.

    The 8-year-old bulldog died Dec. His owner, Danielle DiNapoli, publicized his death in the Facebook group Justice for Scruffles and has held rallies in his name. She also sued PetSmart, which alleged defamation in a counterclaim. The suit is pending. PetSmart groomers, who make commission, are often undertrained and rushed in to fill shortages. They are also pressured to meet daily quotas.

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    The grooming environment at the pet giant changed, some employees said, after it was acquired by the private-equity firm BC Partners in Amber Hosford worked at a Castleton, Ind. She became a grooming-salon manager before quitting in Grads return to their stores, where they are supervised for hours and groom dogs and spend another six months under supervision before becoming certified pet stylists.

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    But one PetSmart groomer, Katelyn Douglas, said her training was lax, with her manager giving her little required supervision at a North Carolina store. With a lack of regulation, there are no training standards to keep pet groomers accountable. In New Jersey, bills have been introduced to make the state Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners responsible for oversight.